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Tailgating done the Doc’s way!

It’s the morning before the big game and you’re trying to figuring out all the logistics of the day: where to park if it’s a home game, who’s coming to tailgate, what do I wear? It’s at this point when panic sets in as you try to figure out the most important aspect, in our opinion, of the day: what you’re going to eat to keep that tailgating energy alive.IMG_5697-1024x683
We take the stress out of planning and prepping meals, which can get expensive and time consuming. There are two different tailgating options depending upon how many guests you need to serve.
IMG_5655-300x300The “Quarterback Special”:
Perfect for up to 15 guests and includes 1-3 meat options for a total of 12 pounds. We’ve got BBQ, Chicken Wings, Smoked or Fried Chicken and Sausage. For only $30 you can upgrade to Brisket, Ribs or Catfish equaling 4 pounds or 2 full racks! You’ll also get the choice of four half-pan sides such as Green Beans, Collards, Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans, Corn Bread, Coleslaw, Cheddar Cheese Biscuits, and Potato Salad.
“All Out Blitz”
If you’re expecting a larger crowd of 20-30, you’ll want this tailgating package. The “All Out Blitz” package includes the same meat options, but with a total of 24 pounds. For $60 you can upgrade to Brisket, Ribs or Catfish equaling 8 pounds or 4 full racks. You’ll also get to choose between the four previously listed sides in an upgraded, full pan size.
Make this tailgating season stress-free and one your tailgating crowd will surely thank you for!
**All packages include 24 dinner rolls, utensil packs, plates, cups, serving spoons, and a box for transportation.


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