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Happy New Year!

When the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, the promise of a new year has arrived and celebration begins. One of our favorite New Year’s traditions at Docs is the traditional meal served New Year’s Day. We love to gather around the table with our families and reminisce and the past year, and look ahead to the joy and memories in the coming year. Southern tradition says you should eat a specific meal on New Years Day to prepare yourself to have luck and good fortune in the new year. Typically this meal consists of cornbread, black eyed peas, collards, some type of pork, and a ring shaped cake – we love pound cake!

Black eyed peas symbolize coins, collards symbolize money, round cakes are a symbol of coming full circle, pigs symbolize luck because they root forward and are rotund.

If the items above aren’t your cup of tea, any pea, green and type of round cake will do to bring you luck! Those are just some of our favorites – and may we suggest pork chops as your pork dish.

No matter what you plan to enjoy on New Years Day, we hope that 2017 brings you an abundance of health and happiness. We hope to see you see you soon at Docs!


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