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Doc’s & The Tradition of Tailgating

If there’s anything we’re good at – It’s tailgating and southern food. When you add friends, beer and some mouth-watering barbecue into the equation, it can’t help but equal a good time. We want to go back in time and look at a few of the first tailgates in history and leave you with some inspiration on what to take to your next event, hoping that it’s with our favorite team, the Gamecocks!


The chuckwagon, name for the food or beef “chuck” was first seen in Texas in the mid 1800s as it fed travelers and cowboys. The horse-drawn wagon carried food, the means to cook the food and typically a fold out table.


A few years later, the football game between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869 is often considered the first American football game ever played. It is also one of the first sporting events where fans and players both wore identifying colors and a true sense of “team spirit” was born, like we see just down the road in William’s Brice!


Tailgating has come a long way from the chuckwagon and the first American football game. Today, we see a lot of food, fun games, and more food, beer, and did we mention food?


If you’re a dedicated tailgater, we’re here to help step your game up with several options in our Tailgate Playbook. See below for our Playbook Menu – we can’t wait to help set you up to cheer for your team this football season! Give us a call so we can get started: 803.799.1532





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